Circular Futures
The Real Lab for Joint Action

We all have to contribute to the development of a functioning Circular Economy: companies, start-ups, science, politics and civil society initiatives that are committed to the careful use of resources with a wide range of projects.

Connecting these different groups of actors to develop collaborative solutions is the goal of the Circular Futures program of the Berlin-based social enterprise ProjectTogether.

The Röchling Foundation functions as the initial sponsor of the innovation program, which is now also supported by other well-known foundations and companies. “We are certain that the transformation from linear to circular thinking and living will only succeed if innovations from the midths of society come together with business and politics. That is why we are happy to support Circular Futures as a founding partner,” says Board of Trustees member Amélie Hauch.

Graphic Recording Sommerfest 2022 Circular Futures

Graphic Recording Sommerfest 2022 Circular Futures

Circular Futures supports mora than 100 initiatives and startups. Ten of these organizations were able to use grants to further develop and test their most promising solutions for promoting the Circular Economy in a focused way.

By means of digital as well as real hands-on events such as the Circular Futures Festival, the team brings together the “circular scene” in learning labs, marketplaces, discussion panels, and maker spaces.

A current focus of the program is the implementation of the mandatory reusable supply obligation (Mehrweg-Angebots-Pflicht) that has been in effect in Germany since the beginning of 2023. Within the novel the existing German alliance Mehrweg.Einfach.Machen (, companies, associations and municipalities support each other in establishing reusable systems.

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Photos: Leander von Thien/Anita Back

Circular Futures/ Foto: Leander von Thien/Anita Back