Project Ocean Clean Up – SeeKuh,
One Earth – One Ocean

The association One Earth – One Ocean has made it its mission to counteract to the pollution of the world’s oceans, rivers and lakes by plastic waste and to free the waters of plastic waste, chemicals and oils. One of the greatest challenges of our time. With the financial support of the Röchling Foundation, the catamaran SeeKuh was built specifically for this purpose. It is used for collecting maritime garbage and fishes out plastic parts floating on the surface of the water.

However, Günther Bonin and his team dig even deeper into the matter. They evaluate water samples taken worldwide. The Röchling Foundation financed the urgently needed infrared spectrometer including accessories which enables the association to analyze and determine all types of plastic.

One Earth – One Oceans’ SeeKuh is one of the most advanced concepts of maritime garbage clean up. It has already demonstrated its operational readiness in the port of Hong Kong and is currently being prepared for deployment in the Baltic Sea.

Supporting the project of the SeeKuh, means sustainably supporting research into the problem and the planned establishment of an international database on pollution.