Joining Forces – Stronger Goals

The Röchling Foundation does not want to be perceived as a sponsor of certain projects, but rather seeks a strong transfer of knowledge amongst actors from civil society, business, science and politics beyond their own activities in the field of “Plastic & Environment”. The aim is joint action rather than non-binding networking.

In the context of plastic and environment, the challenges are far too complex and multi-layered to be solved by individual, isolated projects. No actor – regardless of his political, financial and personnel strength – can achieve much on his own.

The Röchling Foundation therefore does not only invest directly in cooperation and research projects. It also actively contributes to greater transparency and networking. It seeks to serve as a platform for cooperation and joint initiatives. On these grounds, the Röchling Foundation brings together practitioners, researchers and decision-makers to share their expertise in workshops, webinars, conferences and white papers in order promote the systematic dissemination of good solutions.