Vitus, people with disabilities,

vocational training, inclusion

Despite the numerous laws and integration programmes that exist, people with disabilities still experience difficulties in finding employment on the open job market. They are and remain under-represented. And in most cases, it’s not due to a lack of manual skills. Rather a lack of information and awareness combined with negative preconceptions with regard to productivity, ability to work under stress, social skills or suitable work assignments impede their entry into the job market.

The project “Gestaltung von Übergängen auf den allgemeinen Arbeitsmarkt” (Creating pathways to the open job market) being run by VITUS e.V. promotes the vocational integration of young men and women with disabilities who require particularly intensive and individual support. The concept combines targeted training courses with supportive measures, including placement on the job market. This provides the project participants with the help they need to start living their lives as equal members of society.

Being in employment is one of the main prerequisites for the acceptance, economic independence and self-esteem of people with disabilities. Inclusion is important for social interaction. But it represents a major challenge for society too – especially when it comes to creating job opportunities outside of so-called “sheltered workshops”.

It’s for this reason that we’re supporting the work of VITUS with an endowment to the tune of 102,000 euros. Moreover, we’re offering work/vocational training places at our factory in Haren to participants of the programme too. In doing so, we’re taking a stance for equality of opportunity and against exclusion.