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Röchling Stiftung GmbH
Richard-Wagner-Str. 9
68165 Mannheim

Tel: +49 621 – 44 02 – 232
Fax: +49 621 – 44 02 – 111

Traditionally committed to social commitment, the Röchling family of entrepreneurs founded the Röchling Stiftung GmbH in 1990 as an equal shareholder of the family business. The proceeds from this industrial participation, increased by contributions from the family circle, feed the foundation’s assets and enable it to continue its work.

Articles of Association

Articles of Association of the Röchling Stiftung GmbH date, May 29th 2018

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§ 5 Participation and Right to Vote at Shareholders’ Meetings of the Röchling Family Companies

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A responsible and environmentally friendly handling of plastic is one of the most pressing global challenges of our time. The Röchling Foundation is committed to ensure that technological progress serves the preservation of natural resources rather than endangering them.

The Röchling Foundation acts as a supportive, as well as an operational foundation. It supports research projects and civil society initiatives that contribute to solving the global challenge of plastic and the environment. With its own activities, the Röchling Foundation connects researchers, activists and entrepreneurs with each other in order to promote their cooperation.

Staff Structure

Job shares of all involved 125 k€

1 honorary managing director, 6 honorary board members, 3 honorary shareholders, 1 foundation manager (part-time 80%), 1 foundation consultant (part-time 50% until 10/2020; part-time 60% from 11/2020).

Source and application of funds

Revenue and Source of Funds

Donations received
0 €

Profits from asset management

629 k€

Profit on ordinary activities

968 k€

Government grants

Income from services


Expenses for statutory funding

490 k€

Administrative expenses

39 k€

In 2019, the funding was split between the various projects as follows:

“Biological solution for global challenges: Polymers bio-degradation by biological systems”

CSIC – Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, Dr. Frederica Bertocchini

150 k€

Ökologische Bewertung von Stetigförderern mit Kunststoffketten und Ausweis Umweltbilanz, TU Chemnitz

52 k€


“Maritime Müllabfuhr / See-Elefant”; One Earth One Ocean e.V.          

50 k€


Combating Plastic Pollution in the Sundarbans, SOCEO II

55 k€

„Act on Plastic Challenge – Soulincubator”; Project Together

216 k€


“ValueCred”; Yunus Environment Hub

100 k€


60 k€

Röchling Kapelle                            

12 k€

Corporate Solidarity


The Röchling Foundation holds all shares of the Röchling Stiftungszentrum GmbH (i.L.), Mannheim

Names of legal persons

The Röchling Foundation is financed by capital revenue and donations from the Röchling family.

There are no individual donations, more than 10% of the total annual income.