Christoffel-Blindenmission (Mission for the Blind),

Rehabilitation Clinic, Kenya

In many African countries, a disability is still considered taboo or even a curse. As a consequence, people with disabilities are stigmatised and shunned. They often lead a shadowy existence below the poverty line. They are often denied the rehabilitation treatment they need – in part due to the lack of the necessary medical facilities and specialists.

In partnership with the Christoffel Blindenmission e.V., the Röchling Foundation is constructing a rehabilitation facility in the Siaya district of Kenya for people with disabilities. The association has been working for many years in developing countries to ensure these people receive the medical care they need. Besides providing treatment, therapy and resources, it assists them in getting an education and finding work so that they can participate as equal members of society. The independent facility is being built on the grounds of the largest district hospital, the Siaya County Hospital. Besides the rehab department, the plan is to set up an orthopaedic workshop and offer physiotherapy and ergotherapy programmes.

By doing so, we’re seeking to sustainably improve the lives of hundreds of people with disabilities in Kenya. To this end, we’re providing the facility with all the necessary equipment and consumables, training and recruiting medical and administrative staff, establishing a rural mobile field unit, providing for patient aftercare and spreading awareness about physical disabilities. Because at the end of the day, changing attitudes happens in people’s heads. At the end of the three-year sponsorship period, the project will be handed over to the Kenyan Ministry of Health.