Strahlemann foundation, Talent Company

Almost half of all pupils in Germany feel like they are not sufficiently well informed about their career opportunities after school, they lack perspective – Allensbach studies have come to this conclusion. In addition, lower qualified pupils are not even given a chance. As a consequence, they are denied two out of three potential apprenticeship positions. 150,000 teenagers enter their working lives without a finished degree. Their chances on the job market are equal to zero. On the other hand, a third of all companies in Germany were not able to fill their apprenticeship positions – this number has almost tripled over the past ten years. A recent increase in academization as well as demographic factors have influenced such development. Companies and training officers try to find ways on how to commit pupils to their companies early on. Whereas the Cologne Institute for Economic Research predicts a lack of qualified personnel of about 1.3 million in 2020, more and more enterprises cut out their apprenticeship programs.

The Strahlemann foundation’s Talent Company has been created to offer support with job orientation in schools. It provides pupils and entrepreneurs with the opportunity for meeting and networking. The resulting transparency and direct contact help pupils to make further career choices. This is specifically helpful for less qualified pupils: the Talent Company may support them to discover their hidden talents.

The Talent Company also works through online-class at German Haupt- and Realschulen – in a genuine business atmosphere. Pupils start from their individual knowledge level and get an overview of their future possibilities. The main goal is to find dream jobs – while overcoming obstacles such as reservations and shyness. Several offers such as workshops, company presentations, testimonials, assessment trainings and lectures as well as the specialized class “career studies” make Talent Company attractive.

The Röchling foundation supports the Talent Companies in Mannheim and Walldorf and makes a great contribution to connect the business world with schools. Felicitas von Hülsen has assumed the role as project godmother.

Project Partner


A statement on the cooperation between the Röchling Foundation and the Strahlemann foundation – important to know, nice to hear:

Franz-Josef Fischer, Managing director, Strahlemann foundation.

„Thanks to the sponsoring by the Röchling foundation, we have been able to realize two Talent Companies with ABB –one in Mannheim and one in Walldorf. Thus, we have come a step closer to realizing and proceeding on the Strahlemann vision. Two strong local networks have been developed at the schools: they strengthen the proven concept of apprenticeship in close distance with the metropolitan area.

The teenagers gain better access into working life and have a better chance to find a suitable vocational training. At this phase of the teenagers’ lives – the transition between school and work life – it is an important social responsibility to meet them with appreciation. That is what the Talent Company stands for. The perfect cooperation with sponsors and project members forms the basis for this exemplary project to ensure direct interaction between pupils and companies. Furthermore, the teachers’ great and committed work for our Strahlemann teenagers makes us very happy as they succeed in building up an outstanding connection between pupils and companies.”