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The Röchling family has a tradition that goes back nearly 200 years. They understood their corporate responsibility as a social obligation early on, and had already established charitable institutions for their employees and the wider population as far back as the 19th century. Today, the family continues its social commitment with the Röchling Foundation, which they have endowed with a shareholding in the family business.

Over the years, the family-run company has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of innovative products made from high-performance plastics, which means the foundation has access to a great deal of expertise in the field of plastics and can effectively contribute to protecting the environment. Besides its projects in the areas of plastics and the environment, the practical work engaged in by the foundation begins at an earlier stage with the vocational training of full-time staff from all different walks of life. Such individual and targeted professionalisation measures make social engagement more effective and humanitarian relief more sustainable.

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Rehabilitation Clinic, Kenya

In many African countries, a disability is still considered taboo or even a curse. As a consequence, people with disabilities are stigmatised and shunned. They often lead a shadowy existence below the poverty line.

Business family with tradition

Bound by tradition to social engagement

Current cooperation projects

of the Röchling Stiftung

One Earth,

One Ocean

The pollution of the oceans, rivers and lakes by plastic waste is one of the biggest challenges of our time.

Maecenata Institute,

Lessons learnt from the refugee crisis for involvement in times of crisis

It would not have been possible to accommodate the refugees last year without the enormous commitment made by civic volunteers on the ground.

Vitus, people with disabilities, vocational training, inclusion

Despite the numerous laws and integration programmes that exist, people with disabilities still experience difficulties in finding employment on the open job market.

Plastic recycling, Mumbai, India

The earth is increasingly becoming a dumping ground. Even now, the world’s population is generating 3.5 million tons of rubbish every day. And this figure is growing.