Current cooperation projects

of the Röchling Stiftung

Strahlemann foundation, Talent Company

The Strahlemann foundation’s Talent Company has been created to offer support with job orientation in schools. It provides pupils and entrepreneurs with the opportunity for meeting and networking.

Deutsche Universitätsstiftung, scholarship programs TANDEM & WELCOME

With TANDEM, Deutsche Universitätsstiftung aims at students from non-academic families and connects them with mentors. In addition, the scholarship program WELCOME has been developed for undergraduate students in Germany who have come here from refugee areas.

Maecenata Institute, Engagement in new surroundings: Encouraging and preparing refugees to become engaged

The integration of refugees is one of the challenges society will have to face over the next few years. This will not succeed without the participation of the civil society.

Maecenata Institute, Civic Society and Communities: Lessons learnt from the refugee crisis for involvement in times of crisis

It would not have been possible to accommodate the refugees last year without the enormous commitment made by civic volunteers on the ground.


Rehabilitation Clinic, Kenya

In many African countries, a disability is still considered taboo or even a curse. As a consequence, people with disabilities are stigmatised and shunned. They often lead a shadowy existence below the poverty line.

Plastic recycling, Mumbai, India

The earth is increasingly becoming a dumping ground. Even now, the world’s population is generating 3.5 million tons of rubbish every day. And this figure is growing.

One Earth,

One Ocean

The pollution of the oceans, rivers and lakes by plastic waste is one of the biggest challenges of our time.

Vitus, people with disabilities, vocational training, inclusion

Trotz zahlreicher Gesetze und Eingliederungshilfen – die Beschäftigungssituation von Menschen mit Behinderungen auf dem allgemeinen Arbeitsmarkt ist nach wie vor schwierig.

Bavarian Red Cross, Trauma Support for Children, Advanced Training

Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq – we’re confronted with horrific images from war zones on a daily basis. The only option available to the people there is to flee – in fear of their lives, violence, displacement and hunger.